HPC + WBC connect

Regional HPC Infrastructure, Interconnection of Regional University Campuses via West-Balcan NREN's to the Infrastructure and upgraded HPC-hosting Data Centre.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) – Regional High-Performance Computing Infrastructure (HPC) for Western Balkans region in particular will be focus on future technologies, carrying out continuous experimentation from emerging technologies in the field of virtual reality to the most advanced techniques of data management and analysis of Bigdata. The most challenging objectives for our HPC centre will be to manage and analyse the huge amount of data from many diverse research groups. The relevant stakeholders in this project are: Universities, Research institutes, National Agencies which deal with big research data, Transfer Technology Centres, Innovations SME, etc.  
This TA is expected to produce a Feasibility Study that includes a thorough demand/needs analysis necessary for this project. More concretely this study should:

  1. Identify the possibilities of regional cooperation in the integration and analyse big data in field of common interest

  2. Development of regional networks for the interconnections with the HPC Datacentre.

  3. Middleware proposal for usage of HPC infrastructure

  4. Technical proposal for the HPC infrastructure and solutions.

  5. Simulation of options for maximizing of usage the HPC infrastructure from researcher, innovators and third parts in order to cover the running costs for this kind of infrastructure