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Academic Network of Albania
Interuniversity Service Center and Telematic Network


Accademic Networc of Albania offers the U-Albania service. To access , click(here)


The mission of Academic Network of Albania (ANA) is to function as a National Research and Education Network (NREN) in order to offer modern services over the network for public universities, research institutions deal with albanian universities and research system. Since 2012 ANA has been a member of RIPE NCC, the Regional Internet Registry for Europe, the Middle East and parts of Central Asia. ANA will soon be connected to GEANT, the pan-european network which interconnects all the NRENs of European continent. (more)


The U-GOV Project arises from the need to reduce the complexity of information systems for university governance and organization, simplifying technological and applicative infrastructures and handling of administrative processes. With this project Cineca Consortium (Italy) set in motion in 2005 a new integrated information system for Universities, U-GOV, which combines in a single architecture the main administrative applications for universities: Learning and Student, Research, HR, Accounting, Planning and Controlling. (more)


ESSE3 is the Student Management System used by 90% of italian universities: it was born with the reform of italian universities in 1999 (DM 509) e to support universities in the implementation of the Bologna process.
ESSE3 provides the required functionalities to the administrative backoffice as well as to the final users (students, teachers, etc), in order to manage all of the student's life inside the university: from enrollment to courses syllabus, from grades recording to graduation, also including transfers to/from other universities. (more)


RASH has in function a datacenter through which offers it’s main services such as U-GOV and ESSE3. These services are supported by a high availability cluster, database, and storage and backup services. Access in these services is granted after the identification and authorization of students and the academic staff. The services are based in linux servers such as Redhat, CentOS and Debian.
One of the services that RASH plans to offer to the academic community, is the Virtual Private Server. Through this service, the user has the possibility to control and manage the server, which will be publicly accessible through Internet.


IRIS is the new software for managing the publications and the research records of a university or research institute